Thousand Hands

Video Installation, 2006

The work, Thousand Hands, represents a Buddhist symbol which shows many hands to help people and bring good luck. Teaching of Thousand Hands is a Buddhist sutra, whose purpose is not limited in wishing good luck. It also teaches the importance of giving and sharing in a social community.

When I visit Buddha temples, I often see rice served by the temples. It reminds Buddhists a message that helps others and wish good luck for them as well as for ourselves. Inspired by this cultural idea, I used a rice box, which is often used by ordinary Asian restaurants in U.S. for take-out orders, to symbolically take out all wishes, good luck, and the lessons of the sutra, Teaching of Thousand Hands. I set up a video footage inside of a rice box that represents Buddha images with sound of a Buddhist priest reciting the sutra. I encourage a viewer to take good luck out to home and share with others.