Gazing into

Acrylics and copies of photographs, each 17″x22″, 2003

The painting titled ‘Gazing into’ represents space regarded as women’s space. This concept comes from the relationship between space and the female gender–related ideas constructed socially and culturally. The different aspects of male and female behavior focusing on social and cultural conventions affect the female’s personal space. In this work space unconsciously has become a signifier of power, and individuals who have command over greater amounts of space and territory are often considered to have greater power.

For supporting this idea of female space, I combined copies of photographs with painting and used templates to express women’s portraits. I then arranged these black and white women’s images at the corner of the room, which is regarded usually as unsuitable space rather than ‘taking up’ space. I can find the reality of my situation as a woman from these portraits that gaze with each other at the small space.